Who We Are

Rachel Ministries is a ministry dedicated to helping and supporting anyone who needs emotional and spiritual healing after an abortion experience.   We welcome anyone from any faith tradition to come and find healing through our programs and services.  Our healing team is made up of professional counselors, clergy, and a lay team of well trained volunteers dedicated to helping you find healing after abortion.

About Rachel Ministries

Rachel Ministries

Our Philosophy

...to bring healing and recovery to those hurt by abortion, and to facilitate the natural grieving process

...to present the truth of the impact and extensive damage abortion inflicts on the mother, father, extended family, and society, by educating post-abortive women and men, churches, clergy, and the general public in a consistent but gentle manner

...to build a strong, collaborative network of healing resources which include: Rachel's Vineyard Retreats™, Bible studies, professional counselors, clergy and trained lay volunteers , support groups, educational opportunities, etc.