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Hope and Healing after Abortion


Hope Survives

                Hurts Too Much                  

What is hope to you?  Officially defined, hope is the feeling that what is wanted can be had or that events will turn out for the best.  If you are visiting our site, chances are the emotional ramifications often experienced when dealing with the choice to abort -- no matter how recent or how far in the distant past -- are preventing you from giving yourself permission to ever find this word again.  We understand.  We have been where you are and realize the seemingly insurmountable emotional issues you deal with on a daily basis.  And while the journey through the self-awareness and healing necessary to lead you beyond the darkness seems impossible, we are here to give you the assurance that it can be done.  Hope survives.  It is still there on the other end of the darkness and it can be found again.  However faint the light may be, all that is needed is the knowing that it exists.  We can help you find this knowing.  We can help you see the light.  We can help you heal.

With all of the services we provide, we offer a safe, confidential and non-judgmental setting filled with people who will listen compassionately and with understanding.  If you are feeling isolated right now with no one to talk to who understands your pain, we understand.  We've been there.  The first step to finding hope and healing is giving yourself the permission to do so.  This is also many times the hardest part.

If you are hurting, please know that you're not alone and that you deserve the chance to heal.  An abortion wound runs very deep.  It can be emotional, psychological and spiritual.  These wounds have the potential to negatively impact every aspect of your life and relationships, making it difficult to move forward -- or many times to even move at all.  We understand.  We've been there.

The sun finds its way to even the darkest corners of the world.  There is hope and healing available for you.  Please contact us.  We
can help you find it.