Rachel Ministries
Hope and Healing after Abortion


Programs & Services

It is important that you get the help you need to work through your feelings of grief, guilt, sadness, anger and other deep emotional issues that you may be feeling as a result of your abortion.  It is also important to keep in mind that no one person’s experience of these emotions is the same as another’s. It is an individual experience that can only be truly understood by someone who has been there too. We have been there. We can help.

There is hope and healing waiting for you, but you must first give yourself permission to begin the healing process and find that place within yourself that allows for forgiveness of both yourself and others. It is this initial step that must first be taken before hope can find its way into your heart once more.                       

We have a variety of programs and services available to you, with options for group support and individual counseling:

Weekend Retreats

Our most healing program is the Rachel's Vineyard weekend retreat.  It offers a unique combination of spiritual and emotional support and provides a safe, supportive and non-judgmental environment for you to release and heal.  The retreats are open to women, men and couples – anyone who is hurting because of abortion.  Here, you have the ability to both accept and experience the power of forgiveness and the healing that flows from it – all in the company of others who understand your pain and can empathize with your emotions.  There is a minimal registration fee of $150 to cover the cost of lodging, meals and program materials. We offer several weekend retreats per year, in both Catholic and Interdenominational formats. For a list of upcoming dates, please click here.

Weekly Recovery Programs 

You also have the option to attend weekly programs throughout the year.  These are closed groups that request your attendance once a week for the duration of the program.  A typical program lasts 8 to 13 weeks and follows well-recognized, scripture-based healing models such as SaveOneHer Choice to Heal, Rachel's Vineyard, and others.  These weekly programs offer a supportive, healing environment that allows you to share your pain and your progress with others who are also making this journey.  

Professional & Pastoral Counseling Referrals

Sometimes professional counseling is the best choice to begin the healing journey.  Individualized support by a trained professional can help a great deal – either as a first step or as issues arise for you after you attend a group program. We can provide you with a referral to licensed therapists, pastoral counselors and ministers who are trained and knowledgeable about post-abortion trauma and healing.  Rachel Ministries does not charge for referrals and does not accept any compensation from anyone for making referrals.

Peer Support

Rachel Ministries offers individual peer support when needed.  Our peer support volunteers are well trained to listen, understand, and walk with you on your journey to healing until you are ready to move on to one of the ministry's available programs.  Peer support is offered by telephone or in person.   

Ongoing Support or 'Aftercare'

Once you have attended one of our programs, Rachel Ministries offers continued support and aftercare.  We have programs, services and events to foster your continued healing and spiritual growth.  There is also an opportunity to help others by volunteering your time and support in our ministry.  You can work behind the scenes, speak out about your experiences or be part of our retreat team.