Rachel Ministries
Hope and Healing after Abortion


About Us

In 1999, Betsy Kopor, the founder of Rachel Ministries, attended a Rachel's Vineyard Retreat. The retreat changed her life, and Betsy wanted to help others heal as she had been healed. After training for 2 years, Betsy, with her husband Steve, started a ministry for healing after abortion in Fort Worth. Rachel Ministries of North Texas offered its first Rachel's Vineyard retreat in May of 2001. Since that time we have held over 45 retreats, and have expanded our programs and services to assist all those who need help after abortion. In 2009 Rachel Ministries became part of the Diocese of Fort Worth.

Co-founder Steve Kopor, LPC-S, LCDC, a licensed therapist practicing in Fort Worth (Christian Counseling of Texas), is the Clinical Director of Rachel Ministries. In this capacity, Steve has provided training for licensed professionals, as well as training for ministers, volunteers and the general public in post-abortion trauma and healing. Both Steve and Betsy have spoken at national conferences on post-abortion trauma and healing, and have been interviewed on radio, television and print.

Rachel Ministries has developed a referral network of pastors, priests, ministers, licensed counselors, social workers and peer counselors to help the clients they serve. Rachel Ministries recruits and offers specialized training to anyone interested in helping those suffering after abortion.

Rachel Ministries has grown since its first retreat in 2001. It now offers:

- 6 retreats per year, in both Catholic and Interdenominational formats;
- weekly support groups;
- a continued support network for clients;
- individual counseling and referrals;
- and peer support services.

Rachel Ministries has brought post-abortion healing to the prison population as well, having offered support groups at Carswell Federal Women's Prison.

"We are positioning Rachel Ministries to be able to help and support anyone in North Texas who needs to find healing after abortion," says Ms. Kopor. "We understand the pain and the isolation of those suffering after abortion, and we want to give them hope again. We also know that counseling someone troubled after abortion is a long term commitment, and many pastors cannot always provide such time-consuming, individualized counseling. Rachel Ministries exists so that pastors can refer to us in confidence, and clients can get the compassionate, confidential help they need."